Re: AT822 et eclipse

Subject: Re: AT822 et eclipse
From: Geoffroy Montel (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1999 - 11:10:25 EDT

Jorge Antunes a écrit :
> Geoffroy Montel wrote:
> > I thought of a collaboration where many people would record the
> > soundscape during the eclipse (which only lasts for about 2 minutes),
> > then people would make the sounds available for the others,...
> I think the soundscape will be the same in all the world:
> -OOOhhhhhhhh!!! ooohhhhhh!! ihhh! OOhh!! (with a descendent glissando).

Well, that's why I was talking about animals who are going to sleep
when they're seeing the sun's going down. There should be a big
difference in animals activities during the eclipse and maybe it's
worth to record.
Anyway, it also can be a wrong idea !


BTW, there's a very good double CD on KAON which is based on
a few sounds recorded in a firm, and all these sounds are
only Squueesh Griiiick rooouuuummmm :=)

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