Portland OR Festival

Subject: Portland OR Festival
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 07:24:33 EDT

Sorry on doubbles

NWEAMO* is seeking submissions for the


October 22-23, 1999

Type of works sought:

Live all-electronic performance
Acoustic plus electronic
Integrated video-audio music
All acoustic Prerecorded (e.g., tape-only) music

Composers who submit works involving live performance must provide performers.

NWEAMO* (Northwest Electro-Acoustic Music Organization) is dedicated to
promoting new ideas in music. We are currently seeking submissions for a
two-day series of concerts for the fall of 1999. Pieces involving live
performance will be given special consi deration. We are looking to
uncover those unknown or lesser known talents in the Pacific Northwest and
beyond, so be sure to submit your work on cassette or CD.

For more information on NWEAMO, visit our website at www.nweamo.org, or
email abundy@nweamo.org or booher@lclark.edu

Send submissions to:
Ouestalia Productions
7410 SW Oleson Road, Box 200
Portland, Oregon 97223

If you can see the connection between the following, NWEAMO wants to
hear your music:

John Cage, Throbbing Gristle, Jimi Hendrix, Ornette Coleman, Johnny
Mathis, Pauline Oliveros, Hank Williams, Jean Renior, Vaslav Nijinsky,
Charlie Parker, Yoko Ono, Charles Ives, J.S. Bach, Wendy Carlos, Robin
Hood, Gustav Mahler, Robert Rauschenberg, Ant on Webern, Lata Mangeshkar,
John Zorn, Vincent van Gogh, Federico Fellini, James Brown, Rainer Maria
Rilke, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jackson Pollock, Patti Page, Marion Zazeela,
Harry Partch, Frank Sinatra, Jean Cocteau, King Crimson, Devo, Luis
Bunuel, David Bowie, Luciano Berio, Jean-Luc Godard, Twyla Tharp, Captain
Beefheart, Soft Machine, Barry White, Pau l Taylor, Alfred Jarry, Pablo
Picasso, Orson Welles, film noir, Jeanne Lee, Manitas de Plata, West Side
Story, Stan Brackhage, Aretha Franklin,Jasper Johns, Merce Cunningham,
Georgia O'Keefe, musique concrete, Henry Miller, Morton Feldman, Marcel
Proust, Cole Porter, Louis Armstrong, a;Grumh, W.A. Mozart, Prince,
Friedrich Nietzche, Edith Piaf, Ludwig van Beethoven, Arnold Schoenberg,
Miles Davis, Walt Whitman, Guillaume Apollonaire, Pierre Boulez, Franz
Schubert, Tangerine Dream. . .(well, you get the point!)

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