Re: NoTAM DSP announcement

Subject: Re: NoTAM DSP announcement
From: Jøran Rudi (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 14:15:35 EDT

Hi Kevin, others!

Thank you for the interest!

Unfortunately, there are no plans for conversion to other formats at our
studio, but we can certainly discuss this with anyone interested in doing
that in conjunction with a publishing deal in another language. We *are*
looking to have it out in English, and will pursue this during the fall.

The most important reason for limiting publication to only one machine base
(PC) is that our target group - the students at schools in Norway, have
access to PCs in the classroom, not Macs or machines running IRIX.

Sorry I did not make this consideration clear in my announcement. But hey!
PCs are OK, too! Especially with this software :-)

- Jøran Rudi

>Jøran Rudi wrote:
>>NoTAMs CD-ROM "DSP" is finally here!
>>"DSP" is an educational software that teaches signal processing and
>>computer music to young people. Currently, it is published only in
>>Norwegian, but a Danish version is underway. A paper describing the
>>software can be read here:
>That all-important platform information: "any PC running Windows 95".
>(Any plans for Mac/IRIX versions?)
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