NoTAM DSP announcement

Subject: NoTAM DSP announcement
From: Jøran Rudi (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 06:55:53 EDT

NoTAMs CD-ROM "DSP" is finally here!

"DSP" is an educational software that teaches signal processing and
computer music to young people. Currently, it is published only in
Norwegian, but a Danish version is underway. A paper describing the
software can be read here:

NoTAM will maintain a webpage for the CD-ROM (,
and the page will be fully operative with sound examples, cool things to do
etc. in the fall.

The Norwegain version is distributed by Nasjonalt Læremiddelesenter
( (E-mail: For those who want to try their
international langauage skills, DSP can be ordered from this page:

For suggestions, tips, queries, ideas to pursue for publication in other
languages and for future versions, please mail to:

Please excuse possible double postings.

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