Immersion Launch in Melbourne: Some breathless ramblings....

Subject: Immersion Launch in Melbourne: Some breathless ramblings....
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Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 07:56:57 EDT

The Immersion Series of Surround Sound Concerts was launched tonight
at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts here in Melbourne with a
short and very focussed set of three pieces of 6 channel diffused music.

It was bloody marvellous and heres a potted account....

First up were Thomas and Gregoire Couzinier.

They presented, as did all, an improvised/programmed piece the swung
from sleazy lounge breakbeats incorporating live sax and guitar (surf
inflections) to abstract feedback inflected hypercolliding beats coloured
with swirling get the picture ( I gotta stop reading the

The piece utilised a sampler keyboard, sampler, instruments as
mentioned, multiple stereo Cds and was mixed in resal time. Music that
touched lots of bases but, as did all the pieces pesented, never semed to
be wandering and had an intenal consistency or continuity throughout
despite the stylistic smorgasboard on offer.

Thomas and perhaps Gregoire are students at RMIT here in Melbourne I
believe and an excellent argument for cultural exchange and free tertiary
education (What IS it with the French and this kind of music?) I once saw
Thomas play a warped surf guitar set at a pub here a while back and he
had a CD-R for sale then. Im not sure if he has anything else to enrich our
lives with but you could enquire of:

Next we enjoyed, as Melbourne people are blessed to do, the music of
Dave Brown. Now Dave never replies to my occasional emails so he
probably won't read this. In which case its time for me to declare that Dave
Brown is a living treasure and one with as many strings to his guitar as I've
had hot dinners. Dave playes allmost everywhere,most notably perhaps in
Bucketrider, a quar/quin/sextet playing free jazz hard core infused wild
music and occasionally in the odd Sun Ra tribute band. Tonight, for the
second time, I heard his solo electronics with pre-recorded multi channel
backing. The first time I heard this was at Synaesthesia where Dave did it
on a much more intimate scale using a minidisc as looped backup along
with his guitar playing over and in and around the backing. That was
generally a soft and, well, intimate piece and very beautiful it was.Tonight
with a bit more gadgetry at hand Dave had a couple of stereo Cds
assigned to different channels and a stereo signal rom his guitar and the
array of effects boxes that are his trademark of sorts. Gotta love that
Frostwave sound!!! (PFP take a bow!)

So Daves piece, like the others timed in at about 15 - 20 minutes of
crystalline droplets and dense clouds of electrics. Dave seems to have a
visceral relationship with volume, which he uses to create sounds that he
then plays at levels that are right for the piece. In other words he seems to
use the volume in the circuitry to create sound and then the pieces he
performs may or may not be loud, depending on the aesthetic calls he
makes. I have just read a piece in Halana on Rafael Toval thats allmost the
eulogy this is and I was thinking a collaboration would be jolly good fun...

Tonights piece was in turns and simultaneosly abrasive, delicate and ,
well, immersive. His use of the space through the 6 channels available
was fullsome without being a distraction from the whole thing to be heard
at any time. I got lost. Cool as....

Bucketriders music is available from lots of places, especially Missing
Link in Melbourne but for mail order I recommend Synaesthesia:
atomic@ (Mark)

Finally we heard from PH2 who are Phillip Brophy and Phillip Samartzis.
Both are involved in the organisation of the event and are to be given a
Mars bar and allowed to stay up late!!!

Ph2 performed a semi improvised piece of electro-acoustic music using a
keyboard sampler to trigger randomly selected samples from a laptop.
combined with stereo signals from multi CD-Rs and was mixed in real
time. Mr Brophy played the sampler with his trademark dry precision and
the mixing and CD's were handled by Mr Samartzis. This was a piece that
had me fooled as I was convinced it was rehearsed. Employing a broad
pallette of the cheesey pad, the deeeep drone( in miniature), the slapp
percussive keyboard thwack and a whole array of glitchy blips and farts it
took us on a wee wander through space and time, returning occasionally
to reprise and then move on, shifting in passage with precision and
sensitivity and concluding with a return to the original starting point of a
gentle pulsong drone. But no, not rehearsed but presented on the spot by
two people who clearly know each other, their purpose and their material
very well.

Again the use of diffusion through the gallery type space was effective,
unobtrusive and fully integrated. Lost again.

Phillip Samartzis has a few CDs out of fairly severe E/A come concrete
music and you can contact: if your innarested

the Immersion thingy starts here on Friday and is on for Fri - Sun in the
evenigs from 5 pm. If you want the .txt file with all details email me private
as the lists have allready had them posted.

to contact the organisers email:



Vaness on 03 9525 5443

and by the way... the posters so cute...gotta love the 70's!!!!

your friendly moosic fan

"Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds"
Shakespeare the Overrated.

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