From: Martin Czech (
Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 03:31:39 EDT

> hello lists, I am in the middle of registering with SOCAN (the Candian
> scociety for musicains) and just recived a contract to sign. Before
> signing I was wondering if there are any negative implications in signing
> up with such an organization. I have never been invovled with the
> comercial side of music, but feel I need to plung in some time, if I want
> to Make music a serious career path. Any info, feedback or experiences
> would be greatly apreiciated. Thankx, Little Dave.
I don't know SOCAN.

But most of these organisations care about money, the money you should
get for airplay etc. The problem is by their beaurocratic nature they
won't stop demanding fees, even if you are not intersted.

This may lead to strange situations, you do a performance of a new
piece at some small event, and they can't pay. So, you go on to register
your work, saying first performance soandso, they get a bill, this is
forwarded to you, and you pay for it. Then you get some money back,
the rest which is not eaten by beaurocracy.

Once you are in it, there is no way out.

And: some radio stations etc ask you, if your music is "free", ie. no
extra fees. If not, that's it , no contract...


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