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Subject: RE: concerts
From: Mathew Adkins (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 10:39:14 EDT


> You wrote:
> Ross Taylor - Tracking (electric guitar and octophonic tape)
> Paul Wilson - Jaunt (ensemble, live electronics and octophonic tape)
> Out of interest, what is the speaker configuration? Is the tape ADAT?
Each of the composers has used a different configuration. Both have
used the 8 to create a circle rather than a cube around the audience.
Paul has Left: 1,3,5,7 and Right 2,4,6,8 (a kind of 'main' eight setup)
While Ross has used a 1 - 8 clockwise setup, using each channel as
a mono, rather than stereo.

The format is DA-88. At Huddersfield we have both formats, but the
ADAT only arrived a few months ago, so the DA-88 is still prefered.

> Kevin

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