Subject: cubase
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 03:10:52 EDT

hello list,

i am sick of speaking to people who don't know anything about sound
production and getting falsely informed. when you're asking someone
questions about system requirements and they don't know what cubase is,
you know you're in the wrong place.

maybe you can help :)

i am looking into buying a computer that would be used in a small studio
environment for music production. i would like to work specifically with
i have worked on a mac computer with cubase vst as sound recording/editing
software in the past, and i would like to continue working with cubase as
it is an excellent program for what i want to do.

i own a korg concert piano (which has midi ins and outs). i would like to
use my keyboard (and eventually a drum machine and more sound banks) with
the computer.

i would like to work digitally, however, i do not want to limit myself to
a computer and a keyboard.
eventually, i would like to expand and be able to add more equipment to my
"studio". (eg- mixing console, mics, effects machines, ADAT, DAT,
samplers, compressor...) -hey, i'm allowed to dream!!

primarily, i need this computer for music production. hence, my choice of
cubase as software.

let me get to the point.

according to the "steinberg" site, the system requirements for cubase vst
are an
"absolute minimum of 601/120 MHz processor, 32 MB RAM, 256 K Second
Level Cache, Mac OS System 7.6.1 or later"

can someone explain to me what this means in english, as i am quite slow
with respect to computer specs...

i would like to hear from all the sound *professionals* out there please.
my question is...
with reference to these "absolute minimum requirements", WILL THIS BE
ENOUGH (power/memory) FOR WHAT I WANT TO DO?

thanx so much


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