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Subject: EMF Offer (fwd) ... worth a look
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Sorry for doubles, but worth a look.



From: IN%"EMF@emf.org" "Electronic Music Foundation" 2-JUN-1999 19:50
Subj: A special for EMF Subscribers and Friends

A special for EMF Subscribers and Friends ...

CDe Hotline
<<<>>> <<<>>> <<<>>> <<<>>> June 2, 1999

We're sending this only to you as Subscribers and Friends because we think
that you are likely to be interested in the opportunities for acquiring the
software (and the one hardware item) mentioned below. In some cases, the
items are directly available through us. In other cases, we are simply
notifying you that the products are available directly from the companies
or organizations who produce them and who are, in one way or another,
affiliated with Electronic Music Foundation.

Our goal with professional software is to provide you with special access
to interesting materials and tools. And it has always been part of our plan
that the initial contribution made by you to become a Subscriber or Friend
would be returned manyfold through discounts on interesting products and
professional services.

We're also aware that since some of the discounts offered below (for
products that we sell) are greater than the contribution needed for someone
to become a Subscriber or Friend, it may be to someone's advantage to
become a Subscriber or Friend just to take advantage of them. So feel free
to forward this to anyone who you think may be interested.

And contact us with any questions, prices, or other issues. Call us at
(888)749-9998 (toll free) or (518)434-4110. Or email to:



* MidiShare: plus freeware and shareware
* Opcode: Max and MSP discounts
* GRM Tools (TDM version)
* Arboretum: Metasynth, Hyperprism ...
* Steinberg: Cubase VST, plugins, other software
* IRCAM's AtoMIC is available

* How to order

Opcode: time-limited Max and MSP discounts for students

Until June 4, Opcode Systems is offering MAX, a widely-used graphical
programming language for music, to students for $149.95 (which represents a
70% savings from the list price of $495). You can buy right now by calling
Opcode directly at (650)429-2400 and pressing "1" or by logging on to the
Opcode website:


In conjunction with this offer, Cycling '74 is offering MSP, the
award-winning signal processing add-on to MAX, at a $75 discount to
students who purchase MAX through this special offer. For details, check
Cycling '74's web site:


GRM Tools (TDM version)

We (Electronic Music Foundation) are very pleased to announce that we're
now the North American distributor for the TDM version of GRM Tools,
digital audio processing software created at the GRM (Groupe de Recherches
Musicales / Musical Research Group) in Paris.

GRM Tools consists of two volumes of plug-ins for use with Digidesign
ProTools 24 and ProTools 24 / Mix. The plug-ins are distinctive in that
they were designed by composers for use by musicians. Every function is
fast and intuitive, and exclusive GRM innovations, such as the powerful
"superslider", turn these plug-ins into dynamic musical instruments. More,
they're fun to use. Ray Rettig, owner and main recording engineer of Cotton
Hill Studios in Albany, New York, said: "You sit here for so many hours a
day doing work that's often tedious, and here's something that's powerful
and it's also fun." For more information:


          Volume 1 =>MS109 $350 (Subscriber price $249)
          Volume 2 =>MS110 $350 (Subscriber price $249)

Arboretum: Metasynth, Hyperprism ...

Metasynth 2.5 is a software-synthesis and audio-processing program that
translates graphic imagery into sound by mapping image coordinates into
time and frequency domains, and brightness (as pixel grayscale and color)
into timbre and volume. For professionals, it's an extremely powerful
approach for experimenting with sounds because it lets you use brushstroke
and other visual tools to create and transform sounds. For students and
teachers, it's a fascinating way to learn about synthesis. And we recommend
the Wizoo Guide to take you through the steps. For more information:


          Metasynth (Power Macintosh) =>MS102 $299 (Subscriber price $259)
          The Wizoo Guide =>MS113 $35 (Subscriber price $33)

Hyperprism is an extremely versatile and extensive set of sound-processing
software tools for Pentium or Power Macintosh computers, including an
analog-style 26-band vocoder, reverb, frequency shifter, morphing, echo,
pitch-time change, doppler, compressor, equalization, parametric eq, and a
multitiude of other effects. Hyperprism is one of the most complete arrays
of effects available in one package. Hyperprism is available as a
stand-alone program for Power Macintosh; as a plug-in pack for any program
that supports the Windows DirectX format or MacOS Premiere, VST and
AudioSuite formats; and in a TDM version that supports all the current
MacOS Pro Tools/TDM hardware and software, including the new 24-bit systems
and Mix+ cards. For more information:


          Hyperprism 2.1 Stand-Alone (Power Mac) =>MS104 $249 (Subscriber
price $219)
          Hyperprism Plug-In Pack (Windows and MacOS) =>MS105 $349
(Subscriber price $299)
          Hyperprism TDM 2.5 (Power Mac) =>MS105 $499 (Subscriber price $429)

Arboretum publishes many software packages that are not listed here. They
are all available through CDeMUSIC. For further information:


Steinberg: Cubase VST, plugins, other software

Steinberg's Cubase VST transforms your Power Macintosh into a complete
digital recording studio, including MIDI sequencing, digital audio editing,
an expandable array of effects through an ever increasing selection of
PlugIns, an expandable number of ins and outs through PCI cards, and
notation. VST means Virtual Studio Technology.

There are three versions of VST technology available: Cubase VST has 64
audio channels, 4 equalizers per channel, 4 insert effects per channel, 8
auxiliary sends, 8 global effects, full automation, audio hardware
expandability, high definition MIDI recording, real-time MIDI editing,
notation editing with automatic layout and printing. Cubase VST Score adds
professional notation editing with layout and printing. Cubase VST / 24
adds 96 audio channels, support for 24 bit / 96 kHz operation, and extended
audio hardware options. For more information:


          For Power Macintosh:
          Cubase VST =>MS118 $399 (Subscriber price $299)
          Cubase VST Score =>MS119 $549 (Subscriber price $439)
          Cubase VST / 24 =>MS120 $799 (Subscriber price $649)

          For PC:
          Cubase VST =>MS121 $399 (Subscriber price $299)
          Cubase VST Score =>MS122 $549 (Subscriber price $439)
          Cubase VST / 24 =>MS123 $799 (Subscriber price $649)

Steinberg's entire product line, including plug-ins, other software, and
hardware, is available through CDeMUSIC. Contact us after you get the
information that you need:


MidiShare: plus an assortment of freeware and shareware

MidiShare, developed during a number of years at the Computer Music
Research Laboratory at Grame, in Lyons (France), is a collection of tools
designed to optimize a computer environment for running musical
applications. For example, MidiShare includes tools that make it possible
for MIDI applications to pass messages between each other, that allow for
the dynamic control of memory use, and that allow users to determine how
several simultaneously-running applications can share the use of MIDI
ports. This CDROM contains all the information and software necessary to
install and use MidiShare, to understand how it works, and to develop
MidiShare-compatible applications, including documentation, libraries,
source code examples, MidiShare applications, and related software.
Supported platforms are Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Atari.

This CDROM, for Macintosh and Windows, also contains a wide variety of
freeware that expands upon MidiShare functions, including a universal MIDI
controller, Quicktime expander, realtime Ethernet communicator, OpenShare
for OMS and MIDI Manager, mixer, minimal sequencer, SMPTE monitor, ports
and channel activity display, and more. It also contains a wide variety of
freeware and shareware by many publishers: Elody (freeware from Grame for
Macintosh, Windows 95), Open Music (IRCAM, for Macintosh), Salieri
(shareware from Darmstadt Technical University, Windows 95), Symbolic
Composer by Peter Stone (demo version, Macintosh), Phonograme (freeware by
Vincent Losbros, Macintosh), Metro (freeware by Vincent Losbros,
Macintosh), Cakewalk In Concert (demo version of Cakewalk, Macintosh), and
more. In short, this CDROM is a time capsule, full of useful and
fascinating software.

=>MS124 $18 (Subscriber price for this offer $14)

IRCAM's AtoMIC is available

AtoMIC is a performance-to-MIDI interface that allows a performer to
convert the output from any type of sensor (gestural, infra-red, pressure,
voltage, temperature, etc.) to a MIDI message. AtoMIC contains 32 analog
inputs, 8 digital inputs, and 8 MIDI outputs, and can be configured with an
LCD screen and 7-key keyboard to save up to 20 different patches. These
patches can be dynamically loaded during a performance. AtoMIC is
self-contained and does not need a host system and it has been tested in
IRCAM performances.

IRCAM's advertised price is US$799. If you're interested, contact us. For
more information, go to the IRCAM website:


How to order

Call (888)749-9998 (toll free) or (518)434-4110. Send a fax to
(518)434-0308. Or contact us by email at:


We accept Mastercard and Visa. If you elect to pay in advance by check,
first send your order by email. We'll calculate your shipping charges and
let you know the invoice total by return email.

A shipping-and-handling charge will be added to all orders. New York
residents will be charged 8% sales tax.

Copyright 1999 Electronic Music Foundation, Ltd.
CDeMUSIC, CDe Hotline, and CDeXpress are trademarks of Electronic Music
Foundation, Ltd.

116 North Lake Avenue
Albany NY 12206

(518) 434-4110 Voice
(518) 434-0308 Fax



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