Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results

Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
From: Darren Copeland (
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 10:34:43 EDT

I wanted to return a bit to the debate about Ars Electronica from a few
months ago. Since that time I have spoken to Naut Humon who has been trying
to accomodate the wishes of Ars Electronica to make the cateogory relevant
to other forms of digital musics (if you want to call it that), while
maintaining the link to the past as it were.

The only issue that I have with the change is that they are ultimately
comparing apples and oranges, as the current debate between Dougal and
Alexandra seems to confirm. I suggested to Naut that they break the music
category into genres, because they are not only comparing techno and ea, but
are throwing in installations, video-based works, and a whole other kettle
of fish into the mix. (Gee, I would hate to be on this jury!) The awards of
distinction, or runners up prizes, could be reserved for these individual
categories ( even if this meant splitting up the current sum allotted five
ways) and the grand prize could override all categories. I think this would
restore some peace to a rather unsettled situation.

Bringing techno and ea together I think has many benefits publically for
both genres, so Ars Electronica might actually be onto something.
Dismissing it entirely is just not a productive solution. Perhaps the
national centres for ea can come together to write a short letter stating
what we think will be of the greatest benefit to all concerned.

Darren Copeland


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