Re: Headphones etc

Subject: Re: Headphones etc
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 06:51:38 EDT

Sorry not to be clear ...

If the student wants a _dynamic range_ of 50 dB, and the reference (SPL)
is 50 dB, then the (SPL) range is from 50 dB to 100 dB.

>>If the student doing the project would like to
>>have a dynamic range of (say) 50 dB, if the ambient sound level in the
>>lab is 55 dB, then there wil be peak levels
>>of 105 dB.

Dan asked ..

>Kevin... 50 dB + 50 dB font 53 dB et non 100 dB.

One is 50 dB (SPL), the other is 50 dB of dynamic range.



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