Re: headphone usage

Subject: Re: headphone usage
Date: Sat May 29 1999 - 23:05:15 EDT

>Kevin - I don't understand the relevance of administrative support??

Administrators (esp here!) are keenly aware of how 'international'
communications has become, and how quickly good (or bad) new circulates.

About a decade ago, Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts underwent _major_
structural changes to make all of the labs and studios safe. It was very
expensive, but the commitment to 'student and faculty' safety, made this
Faculty notable in the international community.

It pays off for administrators to do things to improve educational
facilities, for today, with wide and rapid dissemination of information
of infomration via lists and web sites, many more students make choices
based upon wider, more complete information about programs and
facilities. (eg if you want a glimpse of the EuCuE speaker set up in our
beautiful Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, just go to the Concordia
University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Music, web site ... that's how easy it
is to 'promote' your Department and Faculty. Administrators are really
keen to have good publicity.)

>My query was primarily aimed at people in other institutions who found
>themselves in a similar situations as to how they were dealing with it.

In my experience, letting those with the $ know that the institutions'
'name' / reputation is being discussed, sometimes adds a bit of weight to
the request.

Now if we could only get the speakers in the first year studio repaired,
or better yet, replaced! (We went through about 5 pairs this year! <ug!>).



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