Re: headphone usage

Subject: Re: headphone usage
From: Cathy Lane (
Date: Sat May 29 1999 - 06:53:10 EDT

This is indeed an unfortunate situation but I know that we are not alone
in colleges in the Uk or indeed in the States.
Many institutions are forced dowown this road for lack of funds/space
For those who do not know - the health hazards are hearing loss caused
by listeneing too long and too loud.
Kevin - I don't understand the relevance of administrative support??
My query was primarily aimed at people in other institutions who found
themselves in a similar situatio- as to how they were dealing with it.
Is there anyone else with the same or similar problem on the list??

Sat, 29 May 1999,
Alistair Vant wrote:

> > This is a most unfortunate situation. How many students are you talking
> > about? Is there administrative support to deal with this (potential)
> > health hazard?
> Please tell me more about the 'health hazard' of headphones - as a major
> user (living in an unsoundproofed flat) I really should know.
> Letharjik

                                    Cathy Lane
                        London College of Printing/ City Universtity

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