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Subject: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
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Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 17:27:09 EDT

Here is the Press Release from Prix Ars Electronica web site announcing
winners in the Digital Musics category.

- Darren Copeland

Prix Ars Electronica 1999 -
Winner, Awards of Distinction
and Honorary Mentions
in the Digital Musics Category

Profound changes have taken place in the music category in 1999. This is
signified by the change in the name of the category from Computer Music to
Digital Musics. Invitations to take part in the competition were extended to
representatives from the fields of electronica (Noise, HipHop, Drum&Bass,
Techno, DJ Culture, Ambient etc.), Sound and Media and computer
They say scheduled revolutions never happen, but those that are hoped for,
obviously do. It is apparent that revolutionary changes in the area of digital
music do not take place in secret. There are several reasons why the results of
the Prix Ars Electronica in the category "digital musics" are worthy of the
attribute revolutionary. For the first time, the award-winning artists do
not come
from areas associated with universities, but rather from the creative
around record producers, from small, independent groups of artists. For the
first time, the pioneering role of classical electroacoustic with works
on tape has been superseded by live performances with technosound,
Drum&Bass, noise and remixes. And for the first time, an Austrian label that
has long since achieved international recognition, is among the winners.

Golden Nica for Richard James (Aphex Twin) and Chris
Cunningham (UK)
"Come to Daddy"

With the award of the Golden Nica to the British artists Richard James/Chris
Cunningham, the much
sought after prize goes for the first time to a music video. The
collaboration between the musician
Richard James (Aphex Twin) and the video artist Chris Cunnigham began two
years ago, when
Cunningham produced the video for the single "Come to Daddy". With his
expressionist images, Cunningham enhances Richard James' already stirring
music, influenced by
techno and noise. The result is a breathtaking unity between music and
image, a music video that
was on the MTV charts for weeks for good reason and immediately won several
prizes - now
including the Prix Ars Electronica as well.

Award of Distinction for Ikue Mori (Japan)

One of the two Awards of Distinction goes to the Japanese performance artist
Ikue Mori, who has
likewise already received international acclaim. Her trademark is her
specialization in drum
machines. Using digital processing, she consistently succeeds in surprising
the audience with her
sounds at concerts. The prize-winning work "Birthdays" is also a live

Award of Distinction for the record label "mego" (Austria):
Peter Rehberg: "seven tons for free ver 2.1" (Austria)
Christian Fennesz: "hotel paral.lel" (Austria)

The second Award of Distinction goes to the Austrian record label "mego",
represented by Peter
Rehberg and Christian Fennesz. Peter Rehberg founded this label for
musicians from the techno
scene in 1994. The guitarist Christian Fennesz was one of the first to
produce under this label. In the
meantime, "mego" has come to see itself as a nexus for avant-garde and pop
music on a digital basis.
The CDs released so far have achieved cult status among insider circles.
This particularly includes
the two most recent productions, "seven tons for free ver 2.1" by Peter
Rehberg and "hotel paral.lel"
by Christian Fennesz. The trademark of the mego artists: at their
performances they are equipped
only with laptops.

12 Honorary Mentions

     the ant moves/the black & yellow carcass/
     a little closer Bernhard Günter D
     Superbonus Terre Thaemlitz USA
     ten Claude Pailliot F
     cd 2 Stefan Betke D
     NAV John Duncan, Francisco López USA
     Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers [The User] CDN
     Fireflies Alight on the Abacos of Al-Farabi II Paul De Marinis USA
     METABOLIC SPEED PERCEPTION Zbigniew Karkowski, Masami Akita J
     Kinderspel Rose Dodd GB
     Tulpas Ralf Wehowsky D
     PLASTIKMAN Richard Hawtin CDN

Jury Members

     Kodwo Eshun (UK); artist, journalist
     Naut Humon (USA); computer musician, producer
     Robin Rimbaud (UK); producer, musician
     Jim O'Rourke (USA); producer
     Laetitia Sonami (USA/France); composer, University of Berkeley


     Total prize money "Digital Musics": US-$21,551 (Euro 18.168)
     1 Golden Nica: US-$ 12,931 (Euro 10.901)
     2 Awards of Distinction: US-$ 4,310 (Euro 3.633) each
     12 Honorary Mentions

Darren Copeland


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