headphone usage

Subject: headphone usage
From: Cathy Lane (C.M.Lane@city.ac.uk)
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 09:01:40 EDT

At LCP we are running a number of Mac based workstations without the
benefit of beautiful individual sound proofed studios. our students work
from headphones in blocks of three hours at a time (sometimes a block of 6
hours). We of course, advise them to take frequent breaks and encourage
them to go to other spaces to monitor their work on speakers and are about
to purchase a dedicated mixdown system with monitoring on speakers BUT we
are all worried about their hearing. In this age of greater student
numbers, less money etc etc etc I don't see us being able to get away from
headphones as the main method of monitoring.
Do any other institutions have this problem - and what are they doing
About it??
P.S.We got some really useful replies to our Jaz problems- we're in the
process of ditching them- expensive but it will get rid of a major
                                    Cathy Lane
                             London College of Printing

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