Re: "Mmmmmm... Bisto" (c)(TM)(R) + arrrrrrgh!

Subject: Re: "Mmmmmm... Bisto" (c)(TM)(R) + arrrrrrgh!
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 21:47:05 EDT

At 17 15 05 25 1999 +0100, Kevin Busby wrote:
>philip thompson wrote:
>>Detailed information about the study and its findings can be viewed at
>... provided you use the "right" browser. ;-)

Right indeed, Kevn. I was ranting about website accessibility a few days
ago. This Cheskin "Sound and Brand" essay is downright disabed-spiteful,
folks. Check it out. Use Lynx (or turn your images off) so you know what a
text-to-speech program will, uh, "see" ... and then try to read the "Sound
and Brand" essay. It's textbook example of what artists can avoid with
their own sites; Linda Seltzer asked for the accessibility info, so here it
is again:

...who was almost getting laid back for a few seconds

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