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From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 15:16:51 EDT

Philip Thompson wrote :
>I'm curious as to whether anyone else thinks their may be an analogy between
>audio sampling and collage in visual art.
The encoding process is the same, and so is the decoding, to that extent the visual
system is working in an analogous way to the auditory one, and the same applies to
the assemblages as such, being either more (music) or less (art) subject to temporal
constraints... Even though the "purely" ethical questions are more burning to me
(...), however, the assumption of a sense of self-responsibility is a related one,
for every (adult) person has to take responsibility for what s/he is doing, and poor
people depending on (really) "stealing" from others... While sampling (both forms) as
such is a reference process -- so the citation stands for the actual source by virtue
of its being referring to...
I fully agree with what, according to Dennis B-K, is inherent in all those tasks :
being quoted does -- above all, Dennis -- satisfy the ego purpose, and only those who
are not afraid of losing something do not need to sign every footnote...
Some examples, all of non-ea nature, though (with the difference concerning the
copying facilities, yet not the creativity input). First mention that a quite high
amount of pretty nice (music, art) works has been produced before the copyright did
even exist ; so W.A.Mozart did not need to fear getting lost of some of his musical
ideas (after all, it was the fruits and not their source which would have been
copied), or Franz Schubert, yielding 960 works within only 32 years of life, probably
has been much faster in producing something as others in only following him... Or
Picasso (considering, e.g., the famous documentary with him painting on a filmed
canvas) did simply not need to assure everything for future reference : knowing that
he would be able to produce another one hundred paintings tomorrow, he could even
afford destroying by over-painting them...
-- As to this topic,

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