Re: Mixing it...

Subject: Re: Mixing it...
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 08:19:57 EDT

At 07 39 05 25 1999 -0400, Kevin Austin wrote:
>This would cause a single echo, where the
>echo is lower in frequency than the direct signal.

Ah, so the original whistle sound stayed steady. I misread the antecedent
to "it" in your anecdote to mean the original sound shifted. The conclusion
makes sense & is very cool. I've lived in two different towns in houses 200
feet from the Amtrak and freight lines here in Vermont, and have made many
recordings of both fast and slow trains, but have never heard this
phenomenon in all these 21 years. Does the recording still exist? Can you
put a file on your website for us to hear?

You didn't say: diesel or steam? The last steam was coming through Vermont
in 1976.


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