Re: Hmmmmm

Subject: Re: Hmmmmm
From: Linda A. Seltzer (lseltzer@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 17:23:44 EDT

The problem is that people may have perfectly innocent ways of
copying someone else's materials, such as recording a party and
incidentally picking up the background music. The problem is
that from the point of the view of the artists and the music
companies, there is too much of a problem of people copying high
quality digital recordings, possibly from the web, and then
playing it on their own players. Therefore the music industry is
looking at the law from the point of view of stopping copying.
More innocent usues of recorded music get caught in the middle
of this, but even if it may not seem harmful to have some
place's background music on your recording, it could technically
be illegal. Unless the music industry has a way to prevent
copying of its releases, all forms of copying may be considered
as illegal. It's extremely difficult, from a legal point of
view, to be a server of music on the web, for those reasons.

Linda Seltzer

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