Re: Mixing it...

Subject: Re: Mixing it...
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 15:02:57 EDT

I confess that I don't have much experience with trains... yet it is a
suspense-packed story, and your solution is making me curious. Regarding the Doppler,
this effect is a relative one with either the transmitter or/and the receiver being
moving. In the former case, an ascending frequency depends on a shortening of the
wavelength being received, vice versa.
In your case I would guess that it were two trains, either one arriving (the higher
one), the one in focus, and another one leaving, or two were arriving with different
speeds (the second one being slower relative to the first one). And after this very
one was leaving also, it might have been the opposite case : relative to the
other/another one arriving now (it has been a quite busied station...?), and to the
observer, of course, the leaving train has been deeper now in pitch.
(yet I admire your memory, while I, admittedly, cannot properly remember the train
traffic in 1976...).

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