Study Illustrates Importance of Sound in Extending Brands Online

Subject: Study Illustrates Importance of Sound in Extending Brands Online
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Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 14:06:08 EDT

>From Spectrum: Interactive Media & Online Developer News
24 May 1999
Reported, written and edited by David Duberman

Study Illustrates Importance of Sound in Extending Brands Online

Market research firm Cheskin Research and Beatnik Inc., which has a
interest in promoting Internet audio, last week released the results of
a study
on the relationship between sound and brand identity on the Web. The
study, a
collaboration by the two companies, revealed that brand audio signatures
have the same brand recognition and convey equal brand attributes as the
brand identity alone.

"Companies who have made a significant investment in audio branding are
ignoring a tremendous marketing opportunity," states Davis Masten, a
of Cheskin Research. "Those companies that are able to lead with audio
on the
Web and establish their brands as a media rich experience will have the

The study also found that poorly designed audio branding that didn't
similar attributes as the visual identity could actually have a negative
on the perception of the brand. "... a brand has numerous points of
interaction, from the logo to the experience of the product itself,"
Darrel Rhea, another Cheskin Research principal. "Failure at any one of
points to support positioning can definitely have a detrimental effect
on the
success of a brand."

"Not only does sound enhance brand, it adds a more compelling level of
experience that keeps viewers "stuck" on Web sites," explains Thomas
Robertson, founder of Beatnik. "The Internet space is ripe for this kind
opportunity. With the rapid development of sound technologies on the
developers can create a truly media rich interactive experience."

Detailed information about the study and its findings can be viewed at

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