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From: christophe charles (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 02:22:26 EDT

At 7:26 99.5.24, jan.larsson wrote:
> >> Theft is theft
> >>
> >> The composer should have given permission & should always be acknowledged
> >
> >and the people who made your computer, and your software, and why not their
> >parents ?
> no, normally we have asked for permission by buying the computer and the
> software (or at least a license to use the software).

We are not concerned with money (maybe you are), but with intellectual hones
ty (not property). I think that to acknowledge the composer alone is not eno
ugh. When I release a work publicly, I acknowledge not only the composers wh
o have lent the sound samples (it is then a collaboration project), but also
the people who made the instruments which are used (for example in the case
of custom percussion instruments), or the software and its specific objects
or plug-ins. In the composition process these are as important as the sound
samples. It is not because you've spent your money buying a license that you
have the right to ignore the instrument makers. I ackowledge also the situat
ion where the work was performed / composed, as well as the basic ideas and
their origin, as far as I can search.

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