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Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 15:38:13 EDT

--- christophe charles <> wrote:

> I am curious to know how many people here have had
> this horrible experience
> of being "sampled" (with details, so that we know
> what was sampled from what
> ) and why they are angry about having been sampled.

The sampling I was referring to was a minute long piece of guitar
feedback noise that I was asked to provide for a friend`s CD. It was
released last year and is doing quite well. It was played on CBC radio
last week and I had the pleasure of knowing that the citizens of Canada
got to listen to me destroy a guitar on nationwide radio. However,
another band has used the very same sound in one of THEIR songs. I
found this out by accident. They hadn`t asked me, or the friend who`s
CD it was on or the head of the label it was released on... When I
found out, they were rather sheepish and apologetic about it. BUT...
I`ve been sampling other peoples stuff in my pieces (text off the
television, breakbeats, etc.) for the last few years, too. It would`ve
been hypocritical of me to be upset about it.

   The incident did cause me to wonder about some stuff though... like
where does one draw the line?

  Did it seem more acceptable to this other group to use the sample
because it was more `noisy` as opposed to `melodic`?

  Would I have been upset if a melody of my creation had been used?

How far does the concept of intellectual property extend? Who pays the
birds or asks their permission to record them? (that`s an interesting
one, eh? can you truly and honestly copyright something that has
birdsong in it? After all, they made up the melody...)
still somewhat perplexed
but the wealth and scope of insight has been great
(thanks Dennis!)

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