Subject: ISMEAM '99
From: Istvan Horvath (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 15:36:02 EDT

3rd International Summer Meeting of Electroacoustic Music in Sárvár
Nádasdy Castle July 25-31, 1999

Venue: Nádasdy Castle, Sárvár, Hungary

Address: Várkerület 1. H-9600 Sárvár (Sárvár is a small town in West-
Hungary, about 200 km far from Budapest and Vienna alike.)

Artistic direction: István Szigeti (Hungary) and Igor Lintz-Maues
(Austria). With the participation of the EAR Ensemble (Budapest). 

The Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio (HEAR Studio)
and the Austrian Society for Electroacoustic Music (GEM) invite
composers from all over the world to attend this meeting. This is a good

opportunity for performing live electroacoustic music and meet
composers, performers, technicians and audience interested on this
music. At the same time to spend nice days on the charming surroundings
of Sárvár.

The pieces to be sent can be: chamber music involving electronics (tape
or live-electronics) and any combination of the following instrumental
setting: 2 flutes, 1 bassoon, 1 trumpet, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1
trombone, 1 clarinet, 1 bass guitar, sopran and mezzo- sopran voices.
Several synthesizers can be also involved in the works.

There is no possibility of using piano, nevertheless sampler keyboards
are available. Any other instruments is to be provided by the authors at

their own expenses.

Tape music is wellcome. Nevertheless the participant should provide for
an exciting sound projection concept as well as for its live
12 independent loudspeaker system are available.

The concerts will be held in the open air, the courtyard of the Castle.
Lights and video projection could eventually be used after sunset.

The participation on the meeting and the entrance to all concerts are
free of charge. The accomodation and travelling expenses are to be
covered by the participants. There are several possibilities of
accomodation from room to five-star hotel. 

For hotel reservation please contact Mr Ferenc TóTH.
Phone: +36 95 320 063
Fax: +36 95 323 425

Deadline of applications: 1 June 1999 (works should reach us by this
time). Scores and sounding materials (demo and practising tape, DAT or
CD) are required.

The organizers reserve the right to choose the works to be performed. 
Materials are sent back upon the special request and the expense of the

Please send the applications to the following address:
Ms Judit TóTH
Hungarian Radio
HEAR Studio
Bródy Sándor utca 5-7.
H-1800 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +361 138 7085
Fax: +361 138 7450
 Judit Tóth:
 István Szigeti:
 Igor Lintz-Maues: or

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