Re: Quicktime 4 and import audio

Subject: Re: Quicktime 4 and import audio
From: jerome joy (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 14:16:38 EDT

>>>And now, a (Mac) technical question:
>>>I've recently upgraded to Quicktime 4.0b21 (!) and have found it to be
>>>pretty snazzy indeed. Only one problem: I can't seem to import audio from
>>>cds anymore! Can anyone confirm that they have a similar problem with the
>>>latest version of Quicktime?
>> Answer: Reinstall the old Movie player 3.0 while keeping Qtme 4.0
>>extensions. It will work as before. And you can keep both 3.0 and 4.0
>>players since they have differents names.
>> Il suffit de reinstaller le bon vieux MoviePlayer 3.0! tout en
>>gardant les extensions de Qtme 4.0.
>since i've upgraded to QT 4.0b22, I've got no access to QuickTime Musical
>Instruments ?? It didn't install a new version of this extension. I've
>tried with old versions of QTMI extensions, but it doesn't work because of
>incompatibility of the upper version, so???
>any solution ??

it's ok , i find the solution.
with Midi File Importer... all works now...


jerome joy

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