Re: Music and physicality

Subject: Re: Music and physicality
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 06:40:12 EDT


> Does anyone have a first reference for 'computer music'? (Hiller??)

Yes, Hiller used the term "computer music" in his and Isaacson's 1959
book, "Experimental Music", which was primarily an account of his own
experiments to produce the Illiac Suite for string quartet. He used the
term "computer music" in the generic sense, including both score and
sound generation. In an essay by Hiller published in the 1970 book,
"The Computer and Music", edited by Harry Lincoln, Hiller wrote
"Music Composed with Computers--A Historical Survey". In it
he cites earlier usages of the term as early as 1956. The first references,
then, were primarily referring to algorithmic composition, but later
included sound generation as well.

Larry Austin

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