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Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 08:24:00 EDT

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote :

>And what is the purpose of property? It's only by a kind of almost absurd
>social consensus that infinitely replicable expressed ideas can be
>construed as "property". Property serves a profit purpose, a reference
>purpose, and an ego purpose. Where the first two aren't met, that only
>leaves the last. (And with sampling, almost none are served by defending
>'ownership' of intangible fragments that were never 'possessed' to start
>with -- they're clones, replications.) That the law defines it doesn't make
>it so.

>Ironically, your childhood-learned politeness actually assists that
>acquisitive process and helps validate the legal silliness.
>I prefer the opposite assumption: Use what you like until someone says
>please don't. The legal-economic partnership will do both with impunity
>anyway. (Ultimately, I still believe it's only a difference of power.)

Sagacious statement, yet what about the _"ethical"_ point of view, and can a sense of
(self)responsibility really be assumed as a common attitude ? And where does the
liberty (in integrating a given something in a new context) end ?
An old yet always new story (as Harry Heine said...), yet what about the apparent
dialectics in the postmodern position, could a glorification of murder or war or
naziism _really_ be included (and justified) in an art context today ?

Alexandra Hettergott.

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