Re: Hmmmmm

Subject: Re: Hmmmmm
From: illegal art (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 07:34:54 EDT

>someone else. I learned to ask permission as a child and it just kind of
>became part of who I am to try to respect others and their points of view
>/ wishes, almost no matter how different they are from my own.

asking permission is very nice but if your intent isn't to pay respect to
the quoted source (people do sample as a form a social commentary... or at
least i've heard that they do)... then asking permission is similar to
asking clinton if he minds an editorial on him in the sunday paper.

anything that an artist purposely disseminates becomes part of the social
fabric. other artists should be able to react to it with their own methods
of discourse (which may or may not include recontextualization).


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