Re: Mixing it...

Subject: Re: Mixing it...
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 00:41:55 EDT

Oh oh!

My understanding is that the concept of frequency is only one form of
modeling time / amplitude fluctation. I guess to have frequency, we first
of all have to have time, and (if I recall correctly) in Hawking's "Brief
History of Time", while he talks about it, he never says what time "is".

And Einstein acknowledged that 'frequency' is a function of relativity.

It would appear to me that 'everything' is relative and only is perceived
through the interpretation of stimulus ... I've always had some
difficulty with the concept of an external "objective" reality.

If a very bad soprano sings an 'A' (440 Hz) on a train, traveling away
from me at 200 meters/sec (720 kmh), is it fast enough?

A long standing crusade I have been on is to repeal the Doppler Shift,
but this seems to fall on deaf ears!



Some warm rains have turned Montreal a lusious green.

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