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Subject: Re: Hmmmmm
From: matt kober (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 00:22:55 EDT

-Should I be barred
> >from using any field recording containing an
> incidental snippet of Britney,
> >or a Muzak track?

-- KEVIN AUSTIN <> wrote:
> Sorry about not being clear on this. My problem is
> not with using someone
> else's material, it's about using it without
> permission or acknowledgement.
> An individual or corporation is free to release
> something into the public
> domain, but it would appear to me that if someone
> doesn't want you to use
> something of their's, that is up to them.

I`m curious about something...
Let`s say a DJ or producer uses a small sample. Like Paul D Miller
using the beginning to Debussy`s `Syrinx` in a dub piece, DJ Krush
using a small bit of Herbie Hancock`s `Sextant` in the mix or
Negativland using Pepsi commercials in strange new ways. If the
context has been changed and the sound of the sample has been affected
so it almost loses it`s connection to the original piece it came from,
is this much different than the old tradition of `variations on a theme
by...` employed by the composers of old?

I`m curious because I was sampled once and I`m not sure how I feel
about it yet.


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