Re: Music and physicality

Subject: Re: Music and physicality
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 22:04:46 EDT

>> ...ties in with a strand from about two years ago, when there was
>> discussion as to the proper representation of ea as electroacoustic or
>> electro-acoustic. someone wrote that initially, the words describing a new
>> medium, etc. are presented separately. as it becomes more familiar, in
>> comes the dash, and with more general acceptance the words join,

>Dictionaries I have define "electroacoustic" as a term used in physics,
not >music...and without the dash. It must be that, as musical
electroacouticians >(sic) >adopted the term, it was thought by many to be
coined and, thus, the dash held >its >own and even became a legitimate
alternative reference to such goings-(sic)on.

>With your history lesson for today, I am,

>One of the old guys,
>Larry Austin

Well .... you may want to find that old (english) Decca (London recording
to folks in north america), from about 1952 [possibly from the BBC
Radiophonic Workshop, or its predecessor], which had the word
'electroacoustic' (sans hyphen, sans 'music') in its liner notes.

Joel's Electric Sound has neither electroacoustic nor computer in its
index (as far as I can see).

Does anyone have a first reference for 'computer music'? (Hiller??)

Also one old F.Arter (Fine Arter)
Kevin Austin (no relation to Larry, except as a good buddy)



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