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          * M U S I C A N D M A N I P U L A T I O N: *
          * On The Social Uses and Social Control of Music *
          * *
          * *
          * *
          * *
          * *
          * *
          * 17-19 September 1999 *
          * *
          * National Palace ("Nalen") *
          * Stockholm, Sweden *
          * *
          * *

ORGANIZERS: Division of Psychosocial Factors and Health, Department of
Public Health Sciences, KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET, in cooperation with the
Swedish Artists and Musicians Interests Organization (SAMI). The
conference is being presented in the context of "The Year of the Brain" in

CONTACT PERSON: Steven Brown (
                   Ulrik Volgsten (


        Music is an ever-present element of human life which is used to
influence the emotions in ways appropriate to social situations. Music is
an emotional and behavioral manipulator that is actively exploited in all
ritual contexts, in the audiovisual media, and throughout the sound
environment. But music is the manipulatED as well as the manipulator:
music is actively controlled by those in power in order to promote social
and commercial aims. In addition, familiar music is re-used extensively in
contexts for which it was not intended as a means of creating associations
to, for example, commercial products.

        These many uses of music raise a large number of important social,
psychological, musicological and moral issues that must be addressed in a
comprehensive fashion. This program brings together a wide range of topics
of relevance to the role of music in society and to music's place in our
cultural heritage. The conference is organized around two broad aspects
of music and manipulation: Manipulation BY Music (i.e., the uses of
music), and Manipulation OF Music (i.e., the control of music). It
addresses the following types of questions:

        * How does music affect us emotionally, cognitively and

        * How is music actively used to manipulate emotional reactions in
social situations and in the audiovisual media?

        * What effect does environmental exposure to music have on our
emotional reactions, behavior, and health?

        * How is music controlled by societies and governments in order to
promote their social agendas?

        * Is it morally right to allow artistically-intended music to
become a symbol for commercial products?

        * What consequence does this all have for our health and cultural

        "Music and Manipulation" deals with a host of timely issues
related to the role of music in society and history, and should have a
broad appeal to people working in musicology, music psychology, sociology,
history, political science, film, advertising, semiotics, and the music
industry itself. As the conference is being sponsored by the Division of
Psychosocial Factors and Health at the Karolinska Institutet and is being
presented in the context of the "Year of the Brain" (1999) in Sweden, it
will provide an unprecendented interdisciplinary perspective on music, one
that should be of interest to specialists in many fields.

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