Beckonings 1999: Call for tape music (fwd)

Subject: Beckonings 1999: Call for tape music (fwd)
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Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 15:54:43 EDT

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>Subject: Beckonings 1999: Call for tape music (fwd)
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>From: C. Matthew Burtner <>
>Call for electroacoustic music for tape alone. All forms of music intended
>for the recorded domain are sought, especially those which take advantage
>of the medium's unique strengths.
>WHAT: Beckonings 1999 Listening Forum
>WHERE: Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
> Stanford University
>WHEN: June 26, 1999
>Please send with each application:
> 1) music on DAT or CD (no limit to number of pieces)
> 2) program notes and biographical information for the program book .
> 3) self addressed, stamped envelope for return of materials. All
>materials not accompanied with a SASE will be retained for possible
>future performance
>Deadline for submission: received by June 7, 1999 (please note this is an
>extended deadline)
>Send submissions to:
>Beckonings 1999 c/o C. Matthew Burtner
>Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
>Department of Music
>Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, USA
>More information:
>Description of the series:
>Founded in 1996, Beckonings is a forum exploring a non-traditional setting
>for listening to music expressly intended for the recorded medium.
>Beckonings was created as a public presentation for tape music that would
>help reenforce the nature of the medium. By disassociating the music from
>the visually dependent stage environment and focusing on the collaborative
>exploration of musical ideas between the composer and listener, Beckonings
>seeks to be an invigorating alternative in public tape music performance.
>Organized in a seminar format, emphasis is placed on the unique strengths
>of the medium while freeing the music from the stage's strong performance
>associations. This series allows for composers and listeners to engage in
>a forum on artistic and technological concerns in tape music while
>highlighting new and historical pieces for solo tape.

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