Subject: SenseBus
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 23:31:07 EDT

Something I think lots of you might be interested in seeing. I just took a
look today and it blew my mind!!! So simple but yet so complex!!

SenseBus is a collaborative built, interactive sensory environment. It uses
a networking sceme that allows technologies found in the average home to
share sence information in a distributed network of sensory modules. There
is no central "brain". There are no screens, mice or keyboards. The system
sences and expresses through touch, light and sound in interaction with
visitors to the space.

Where is this: Inter/Acess 410 Richmond Suite 444
When Tues-Sat 12am -5pm
Till when June 12th
Artist talk Sat May 29th 2pm
more info.
phone # 416-599-7206

(Im biased towards this as its my new home for employment: Technical
Coordinator for Inter/Access Media Arts Center, but the show is great just
the same)

Enjoy the information as its always free........


Neil Wiernik

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