Max & MSP for students

Subject: Max & MSP for students
From: Electronic Music Foundation (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 20:44:16 EDT

Hello all,

A brief message from Electronic Music Foundation.

Normally we would not put commercial messages on this list, and we
apologize for any duplications, but this is a most interesting offer and it
is so time sensitive we think it's worth an exceptional effort. Opcode
Systems has just become an EMF Sponsor. We'd like to help them and
hopefully help your students at the same time by being sure you get the
word on this offer in timely fashion.

A Special Offer from Opcode Systems!

>From now until June 4, Opcode Systems is offering MAX, a widely-used
graphical programming language for music, to students for $149.95 (which
represents a 70% savings from the list price of $495). You can buy right
now by logging on to or calling
Opcode directly at (650)429-2400 and pressing "1".

In conjunction with this offer, Cycling '74 is offering MSP, the
award-winning signal processing add-on to MAX, at a $75 discount to
students who purchase MAX through this special offer. Check Cycling '74's
web site at for more details.


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