Re: Music and physicality

Subject: Re: Music and physicality
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 14:35:05 EDT

paul steenhuisen wrote:

> >>> >music is emotion.
> >>> Better drop the leading e.
> >>would that then be e-flat?
> >A bit, although I found e-motion is too much like e-mail and e-land....
> ...ties in with a strand from about two years ago, when there was
> discussion as to the proper representation of ea as electroacoustic or
> electro-acoustic. someone wrote that initially, the words describing a new
> medium, etc. are presented separately. as it becomes more familiar, in
> comes the dash, and with more general acceptance the words join,

Dictionaries I have define "electroacoustic" as a term used in physics, not
music...and without the dash. It must be that, as musical electroacouticians
adopted the term, it was thought by many to be coined and, thus, the dash held
own and even became a legitimate alternative reference to such goings-(sic)on.

With your history lesson for today, I am,

One of the old guys,

Larry Austin

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