Re: Music and physicality

Subject: Re: Music and physicality
From: matt kober (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 11:50:54 EDT

--- Sophia Male <> wrote:
> I think music is very physical. It's so strong
> as an invisible force that
> it permeates your bodily field of perception so much
> to sway one's mood,
> state, "feeling", to it's own aims. I've always
> found music to be a mood
> thing. At first I listened to music that matched a
> particular mood, and I
> later supposed that genres I got stuck on were
> psychological couterparts of
> some sort. Now I try to sway my moods by engaging
> in ideal "mood" music. The main reason I think
> music is so important is that
> as it exists as appealing to and interwoven with the
> aural sense, (also
> connected and interacting with every other sense),
> it filters one's view of
> reality. For about a week I got stuck on Brain
> Eno's "airport music", and god
> did life look depressing and dusty then. But I
> suppose that's how I felt.
> All expression involves feeling. And music, as a
> tropical forest of
> expressive entities, showers feeling ... if it's
> sculptor has soul of course.
> Sophia

"Don't you love low notes? Don't they tingle in your privates and send
electrical juice spurting to your brain? Of course they do."
-from Paul Quarrington's 'Whale Music'

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