Re: Music and physicality

Subject: Re: Music and physicality
From: Sophia Male (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 12:27:29 EDT

    I think music is very physical. It's so strong as an invisible force that
it permeates your bodily field of perception so much to sway one's mood,
state, "feeling", to it's own aims. I've always found music to be a mood
thing. At first I listened to music that matched a particular mood, and I
later supposed that genres I got stuck on were psychological couterparts of
some sort. Now I try to sway my moods by engaging
in ideal "mood" music. The main reason I think music is so important is that
as it exists as appealing to and interwoven with the aural sense, (also
connected and interacting with every other sense), it filters one's view of
reality. For about a week I got stuck on Brain Eno's "airport music", and god
did life look depressing and dusty then. But I suppose that's how I felt.
All expression involves feeling. And music, as a tropical forest of
expressive entities, showers feeling ... if it's sculptor has soul of course.


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