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Subject: Re: Hmmmmm
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 07:39:53 EDT

Chris Rolfe wrote:
>Still, to turn your point on its head, my
>environment comprises a lot of electroacoustic material, from Muzak to
>boom-cars to my neighbours loud party last Wednesday. Should I be barred
>from using any field recording containing an incidental snippet of Britney,
>or a Muzak track?

If one is repeatedly subjected to Britney's music against one's will, it
could be argued that one has certain rights (if not a duty!) to recycle it.
Uplifting reading on the media environment are available, as ever, from
Negativland. See, for example,
("The act of appropriating from this media assault represents a kind of
liberation from our status as helpless sponges which is so desired by the
advertisers who pay for it all. It is a much needed form of self-defense
against the one-way, corporate-consolidated media barrage...")

Unfortunately the site does not seem to have been updated to comment on
recent developments.

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