Re: Hmmmmm

Subject: Re: Hmmmmm
From: Linda A. Seltzer (lseltzer@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 15:54:21 EDT

The problem is that the music industry is angry about people wanting to download and make copies of music or to download music and then play it back a large
number of times. Clearly the CD companies and stores are nervous about other
companies offering music downloading. Music providers face an MP3 vs
secure transmission format battle. Unfortunately academics and independents
get caught in the middle of all of this wrangling. Even if the originators
of the project in question only worked with sounds people *sent* them (along
with completed permission forms) there could still be legal troubles.

Maybe academia needs to go back to the old days and have its own non-profit
Internet to experiment with.

Linda Seltzer

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