inner space playlist for 16.05.1999.

Subject: inner space playlist for 16.05.1999.
From: Vladimir Jovanovic (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 09:24:07 EDT

Inner Space - a weekly radio program
for beatless minimalistic ambient,
noise, experimental, electroacoustic,
musique concrete, field recordings,
sound artism and similar kinds of
droning and drifting music.
Broadcasting from 22-24 sundays
on 100,5 FM Radio Student in Zagreb, Croatia.

Playlist for 16.05.1999.

Tonight, Inner Space is on the air
from 22-02h.
Concentrating on three excellent labels dedicated
to releasing music from artists
working in the field of electroacoustics
and musique concrete -
Innova Recordings from St.Paul, MN,
Kaon from Limoges in France
and Lovely Music from New York.

David Dunn - Mimus polyglottos

(from Music, language and environment - Innova Recordings)

Matthew Burtner - Fern

(from Portals of distortion - Innova Recordings)

Sarah Peebles - Tomoe (revolving life)

               1) Pre-dawn

               2) Spring

(from Suspended in amber - Innova Recordings)

Small cruel party - Traverse above Goulier (I-IV)

(from 3" split CD with Toy bizzare - Kaon)

Luc Kerleo - Un clocher

(3"CD on Kaon)

C.O.Caspar - Fra det skjulte 4.3

(from Thus long lights light - Kaon)

Bruno Moreigne - Animal (bestiaire)

(from Bruits, sons, paroles et silences de la foret - Kaon)

Eliane Radigue - Milas song in the rain

(from Songs of Milarepa - Lovely Music)

Annea Lockwood - A sound map of the Hudson river (excerpt)

(from A sound map of the Hudson river - Lovely Music)

Maggi Payne - Phase transitions

(from Crystal - Lovely Music)

Alvin Lucier - 18:58

(from Music on a long thin wire - Lovely Music)

Vladimir Jovanovic
host of Inner Space

for info about airplay,
please write to:

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