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From: Chris Rolfe (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 19:01:04 EDT

I agree that placing material on the Web should not be tantamount to
placing it in the public domain. Still, to turn your point on its head, my
environment comprises a lot of electroacoustic material, from Muzak to
boom-cars to my neighbours loud party last Wednesday. Should I be barred
from using any field recording containing an incidental snippet of Britney,
or a Muzak track?

In short, as long as material is not lifted whole cloth, used to save
labour costs, or used to the detriment of the author, it's fair game in my

The great flaw in copyright as property lies, not in the original intent
(which was to afford some protection to individual authors), but in the
legal fiction that assumes corporations to be equal to individuals, and
thus able to avail themselves of the natural, individual right to protect
one's expression from usurpation and denigration.

I personally believe that copyright should be, sui generis,
non-transferable. That would nip this expression/expropriation nonsense in
the bud, and go some distance in preventing our becoming drone workers in
the global theme park.


At 10:10 AM -0400 5/15/99, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:
>The intellectual property pendulum has swung far in the direction of
>categorizing the smallest sampled snippets as property, whether actual or
(... elision)
>names. To me, it's an unhappy situation, especially since cameras and
>microphones monitor what we say and do, and transmit and archive it without
>our permission. Do we not own our voices and images, or must we leave that
>ownership behind when we go out in public? Do we own sounds and images, or
>leave that ownership behind when we put it on the web? The latter is
>supposedly clear, but I suspect overall it's more a difference of muscle
>than of intellect ... whether it's your local bank or the RIAA or a burger

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