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Subject: Re: Hmmmmm
From: christophe charles (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 13:51:13 EDT

At 9:04 99.5.16, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:
> In university circles, this project would well surpass the "threshold" to
> trigger plagiarism concerns. Universities have a primary interest in
> "intellectual property", and, IMV, woebetide the academic institution that
> does not take flagrant, public violation of these rights seriously.
> Fulltime faculty have been fired for Code of Conduct violations more
> subtle than this, not to mention suspension and dismissal of students,
> particularly at the graduate level (post-modernism aside).
Some people achieve the most stupid collages with the most beautiful citatio
ns, they're just loosing their time, and nobody cares, except those insects,
so aware of "intellectual property", who spend their boring life chasing the
uncleared samples.



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