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Subject: fwd from Flo Menezes
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 09:07:02 EDT

Sorry for doubles


From: IN%"flomenezes@uol.com.br" "Flo Menezes" 15-MAY-1999 17:43:50.53
Subj: International Contest is OPEN !!!

Dear Friends,
I send you three news:

1) my NEW email is:


2) The International Electroacoustic Music Contest of São Paulo 1999

        C I M E S P 1999

is open to all the composers around the world. You can see the
general rules and print the Entry Form through Internet:


3) The site of Studio PANaroma is ready (with info about all
our activities in the branch of Electroacoustic Music:
Works, CDs, Concerts, Photos, and so on). Visit us!


Thank you and all my best wishes.
Flo Menezes
Composer - Director of Studio PANaroma
Al. dos Guainumbis, 1435
04067-003 São Paulo - SP

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