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Date: Sat May 15 1999 - 07:38:01 EDT

Hi all

The following may be of interest, particularly from the point of view of
copyright violation.





>From: IN%"Peter.M.Traub@Dartmouth.EDU" 14-MAY-1999 21:38:49.37
>Subj: Web Installation

>From: Peter.M.Traub@Dartmouth.EDU (Peter M. Traub)

>"bits & pieces" is a Web installation that searches
>the Web for sound files. Found sound is processed in
>various ways, and the results broadcast back over
>the Web via RealAudio. Thus you need RealPlayer
>(available for free at to hear it.

>A Bit More About "bits & pieces."
>"bits & pieces" is a Master's thesis project. The thesis
>paper itself will be available on the Web (linked to from
>the "b&p" site), on or shortly after June 1st.

>"b&p" is written in a combination of PERL and Csound. PERL
>scripts are used to drive the search and download processes,
>and PERL generated Csound files are responsible for the sound
>processing. New sound files are found every morning, and are
>used as the sources for the day's various sound collages. A new
>collage/piece is generated every 15 minutes. "bits & pieces"
>will automatically play back the 10 most recent pieces through
>your RealPlayer.

>A Note from the Author:

>I apologize for any multiple copies of this mailing you may
>receive from cross postings. Please forward this freely. If
>you would like more information about me or my other work
>(much of which is available via RealAudio on my Website),
>please go to:
>Thank you and Enjoy!
>peter m. traub

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