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Subject: Re: Mixing it...
From: Douglas Doherty (
Date: Sat May 15 1999 - 07:22:31 EDT

>Douglas Doherty wrote :

>>Robert re-iterates my point in a less dramatic way perhaps; the use of
>>same technology does not in any way pre-suppose any kind of aesthetic
>>between DJ culture and "electro-acoustic music" culture.
>-- yet I would be careful with putting my "any"'s here ; using the same
>does not necessarily presuppose yet might lead to common grounds, as
>reciprocity certainly not strictly being given as regards both the
relation between
>the two items in question (DJ and ea culture) and the (old) question what
>first, the technology or the aesthetics... (technology to a certain
>end, aethetics from a given technology (implying any misuse :-), not to
speak about
>the links. Also, an(y) extrapolation of personal approaches might be a
little risky.
>Alexandra Hettergott.
>ps re the "misuse" : would a given technology "misused" for another
purpose as
>originally intended have been invented/set up in exactly the same way with
>aesthetical output as (decisive) input ?

Wow, that was hard work Alexandra, but I get and take your point - the
"any" was not intended to dismiss the possibility, but to suggest that an
aesthetic link has no basis in technological sameness, only in aesthetic
sameness, and that care should be taken to ignore the potential red herring
of technological sameness. In schools for example, Music Technology is in
many cases no nearer to e-a culture than bashing out a tune on an old

Douglas Doherty

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