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Since no one else seems to be mentioning this stuff, and it involves
several people from the list, I thought I would post some information on
some recent electroacoustic / acousmatic CD releases which I have gotten in
stock (I'll omit prices to avoid being a commercial, though if anyone
actually want to buy some of this stuff, get in touch by all means).
Anybody involved have any comments on these?

* Gino Favotti "Electric Forest" CD a collaboration
between the elder (acousmatic composer) and younger (school boys interested
in techno) resulting in a cross between the genres. an evocation of a
futuristic forest utilizing treated sounds from the Barthelemy bronze
foundry and the forest of Saou. 24 minutes. Motus France M 398001

* Laurent Sassi & Marc Pichelin "Retraite" 3" CD "recorded
in a house for old people. very good (a lot of text in French)." special
postcard sleeve. Ouie-Dire Prod. France CP 9906

* Schams "Erres" CD "a cross between extreme free-jazz (God,
Naked City, Peter Brötzmann) and ambient (Z'ev) Schams (meaning 'sun' in
Arabic) fuses traditional and acoustic instruments with electronic effects.
the band's expansive membership has, as its nucleus, Jean-Luc Guionnet
(sax, bagpipes, harmonium), Eric Cordier (hurdy-gurdy) and Yannick Tallet
(drums). Schams proliferates numerous genres, from live improvs with Erik
M, Dominique Repecaud or Pascal Battus (Pheromne) to electroacoustic
performances with Eric La Casa (Afflux). attracted by their forcibleness,
they were invited to play first attraction at Keiji Haino's last Paris
concert." Shambala Records France shamb 99002

* "Cultures Électroniques 11" 2 CD with Natasha
Barrett, Gilles Racot, Jonas Broberg, Paul Koonce, Love Mangs, José
Manrique, Emanuele Casale, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Barry Truax, Klaus
Röder, Patrick Kosk, and Ton Bruynel. Cime / IMEB / Mnemosyne Musique
Media / UNESCO France LDC 278065/66

* "Cultures Électroniques 12" 2 CD with Joseph Hyde,
Philippe Auclair, Akemi Ishijima, Karl Friedrich Gerber, Jean Piche,
Eduardo Reck, Michael Jude Bergeman, William Brunson, Matt Ingalls, Henri
Demilecamps, Ulrich Suesse, Yves Coffy, and Philippe Blanchard. Cime / IMEB
/ Mnemosyne Musique Media / UNESCO France LDC 278068/69

* "Erratum #2" CD with Jérôme Noetinger, Michel
Collet, Eléonore Bak, Jacques Donguy, Bernard Heidsieck, Jérôme Joy, Paul
Panhuysen, Philip Corner, Eric Cordier, and Manon Anne Gillis. in three
fold digipack with 24 page booklet. Erratum Musical France EM 002

* "L'espace Du Son 1" book with text in French from
Patrick Ascione, François Bayle, Bruno Billaudeau, Patrice Bouqueniaux,
Christian Calon, Michel Chion, Christian Clozier, Luc Coeckelberghs, Serge
De Laubier, Francis Dhomont, Lannick Dinard, Xavier Garcia, Jonty Harrison,
Pierre-Alain Jaffrenou, Leo Kupper, Jacques Lejeune, Cécile Le Prado, Denis
Lorrain, Eric Mulard, Baudouin Oosterlinck, Jean-Claude Risset, Annette
Vande Gorne and Nicolas Vérin. 100 pages. Editions Musiques et
Recherches Belgium ISBN 2-9600201-0-3

* "Musique Concrète 50 Ans - 3Èmes Rencontres
Internationales" CD 1298 with Philippe Blanchard, Bruno Bocca,
Catherine Bonaldi, Alexandre Mihalic, Régis Renouard Larivière, Pete
Stollery, and Denis Streibig. Acousmatica France CD 1298

* "Octandre / Cinq Minutes Pour Cinquante Ans" CD
        electroacoustic composers paying homage to Pierre Schaeffer. with
Jérôme Joy, Pascale Jakubowski, Christian Eloy, Frédéric Legauffre, Bernard
Baritaud, Serge Morand, Pierre Couprie, Jean-Michel Rivet, Christophe
Havel, Patrick Mellé, Jacques Daney, Catherine Gilloire / Patrick Guyho,
and Thierry Alla. ranges through "either formal or calculated abstraction,
via a concrete or synthetic landscape, a polyphonic space, probing into
poetical, playful and rakish material, discovering the musical potential of
speech, conjuring up the past, quoting history or memory and finally
indulging in thematic or formal remake." Octandre France

* "Prix Ars Electronica 1998" CD with Peter
Bosch/Simone Simons, Aquiles Pantaleão, Hans Tutschku, Joshua Fineberg,
Jørdan Rudi, Adrian Moore, Natasha Barrett, Maggi Payne, Luigi Ceccarelli,
Ambrose Field, Joseph Hyde, Hildegard Westerkamp, Bret Battey, Gordon
Monahan, David Behrman, and G.H. Hovagimyan/Peter Sinclair. ORF - Prix
Ars Electronica Austria PAE 98

Eric Lanzillotta

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