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Subject: Re: Mixing it...
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 09:47:38 EDT

Douglas Doherty wrote:

>Robert re-iterates my point in a less dramatic way perhaps; the use of the
>same technology does not in any way pre-suppose any kind of aesthetic link
>between DJ culture and "electro-acoustic music" culture.

As an aside: there is of course more than one "non-EAM culture", and
experimenters have found refuge in most of them. It just so happens that at
the moment it's dance culture which is one of the biggest churches, and
gets the most coverage.

It is indeed fallacious to pre-suppose a common aesthetic base, and some of
the mass media popularisers of cross-culture "new" music do perhaps
(notwithstanding the benefits of popularisation!) help perpetuate this myth
on a regular basis. But as a listener of various types of music which use
common technological instruments, I still hear (quoting my previous email)
"similar aesthetic results". Maybe it's just me?!

It's probably the case that the inspirational influence of a limited set of
functionally limited, common tools is strongest upon weaker composers, but
no-one is immune, or should wish to be!

[Quoting Mathew]
>>So much 'cross-genre' music fails because it never really gets to grips
>with what it is trying to cross.

Yes, because it is often an intellectual exercise, often involving
pretension from the non-EAM side and condescension on the EAM side. IMAO
cross-genre awareness is more useful than calculatedly cross-genre music.

Just MHO as a punter. "I don't know anything about art, but I know what I


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