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A New CD by Evan Parker's Electro-Acoustic Ensemble has just been released
by ECM Records - ECM1693

Drawn Inward

Evan Parker - soprano and tenor saxophones, khene
Philipp Wachsmann - violin, viola, live electronics, sound processing
Barry Guy - double-bass
Paul Lytton - percussion, live electronics
Lawrence Casserley - live electronics, sound processing
Walter Prati - live electronics, sound processing
Marco Vecchi - live electronics, sound processing

The Crooner (for Johnny Hartman)
Serpent in Sky
Travel in the Homeland
Spouting Bowl
Collect Calls [Milano-Kingston] [ Bugged]
aka Lotan
At Home in the Universe (for Stuart Kauffmann)
Writing on Ice
Phloy in the Frame

Produced by Steve Lake

The booklet includes an in depth introduction by Simon Emmerson

ECM Records
Postfach 600 331
81203 München

This CD was recorded immediately before our UK tour in December, 1998

Lawrence Casserley

Lawrence Electronic Operations - Tel +44 1494 481381 - FAX +44 1494 481454
Signal Processing for Contemporary Music - email leo@chiltern.demon.co.uk

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