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>Subject: Organised Sound
> Organised Sound
> An International Journal of Music and Technology
>Volume 4, Number 3
>Issue thematic title: Breaking the Boundaries
>Date of Publication: December 1999
>Publishers: Cambridge University Press
>Articles to be considered for publication in the named issue are now
>Volume 4/3 is to investigate the theme "Breaking the Boundaries". Too
>many decade thresholds (or "centuries", or "millennia" if you prefer)
>have stimulated change, not only in the arts but in many other aspects
>of society, politics and economy.
>Are we, the community of electroacoustic music and music
>technology, satisfied with our music, our scholarship, our technological
>developments or our relationship with society at large?
>Organised Sound invites you to document your vision of where we might
>go from here in any area of music involving technology, or of technology
>involving organised sound.
>Submissions can be in written, graphic or sonic form. What artistic
>and technological boundaries are fixed or due for removal in the
>future? Is there anyone ahead of his/her time in our field these days?
>Notes for Contributors can be obtained from the inside back cover of
>published issues of Organised Sound or from:
>Articles and other material for the editors' consideration should be
>by 1st August 1999. Hard copy to:
> The Editors,
> Organised Sound,
> Department of Contemporary Arts
> Crewe+Alsager Faculty
> Manchester Metropolitan University
> Hassall Road
> Alsager
> Cheshire ST7 2HL, UK.
>Email submissions should be mailed to (please see SUBMISSION FORMAT
> os@cage.york.ac.uk
>Further details about Organised Sound are available at:
>Editors: Ross Kirk, Leigh Landy, Tony Myatt, Richard Orton.
>Corresponding Editors:
> Lelio Camilleri, Daniel Oppenheim, Miller Puckette, Barry Truax,
> David Worrall
>International Editorial Board:
> Marc Battier, Francois Bayle, Peter Castine, Alcedo Coenen,
> Francis Dhomont,Simon Emmerson, Rajmil Fischman, Takayuki Rai,
> John Rimmer, Jean-Claude Risset, Francis Rumsey, Conrado Silva,
> Christiane Ten-Hoopen, Daniel Teruggi, Jukka Tiensuu,
> Trevor Wishart, Scott Wyatt, Iannis Xenakis.
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>Head, Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology
>Australian National University
>President, Australasian Computer Music Association
>GPO Box 804 Canberra Australia 2601
>'phone: +61 2 6249.5640 Fax: +61 2 6247.0229
>email: David.Worrall@anu.edu.au

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